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For exclusive use by veterinarians (health-care professionals).

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Our Products

Digestive Enzymes/ imagine pet products

Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats to help maintain and support healthy digestion. This product can be helpful in reducing abdominal bloating and flatulence, improve stool consistency (small, firm stools), and alleviate constipation. Can assist with the ability to digest commercial food, and improve absorption of vitamins and other nutrients...

Immunity/ imagine pet products

Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats to help maintain a balanced microbial flora, promote intestinal health, and foster immunity. This product contains a complementary blend of 12 viable probiotic strains to render a wide spectrum of health benefits and includes prebiotics for proliferation, implantation, mineral absorption, and enhance short-chain fatty acids. Immunity helps improve stool consistency (small, firm stools) and prevents diarrhea and constipation...

Joint and Pain/ imagine pet products

Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats to help maintain and support joint health as well as connective tissue, and reduce associated pain. May be used in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, as adjunctive treatment, and for prevention of chronic inflammatory disorders. Can promote neurorecovery and enhance cognitive function following brain injury...

imagine, OMEGA-3 pet product

Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats for the maintenance of good health. May be used to promote cardiovascular health, to enhance healthy inflammatory response, and confer anticarcinogenic effects. This product can be used to support neurological health and brain development, enhance cognitive function, and to promote healthy eyes, skin, and hair/coat...

Urinary Tract/ imagine pet products

Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats to help prevent and treat acute and recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs). This product may be used to reduce the adhesion and proliferation of E. coli in the urinary tract as well as prevent UTIs resulting from P. aeruginosa and S. zooepidemicus.

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